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Boost Your Career Opportunities as a Java Developer

By : Admin     |     Website,Programing Knowledge     |     2nd November 2018

From its beginnings more than 22 years ago Java has gone from strength to strength, and today it still occupies the most popular and also most in-demand position for programming languages.

Widely viewed by the developer community as the most reliable language, Java enables developers to create software that is compatible with different operating systems. In addition, its stability, depth of features, predictability and strong community have made it a business favorite the world over.

There are currently estimated to be more than 9 million Java developers in the world, with its popularity and usage continuing to grow – providing strong indications of Java’s importance in the years ahead and the need for highly trained Java programmers to support the future business world. 

Java’s flexibility to span industries

Compared to other languages, Java is not only easy to learn, but also easy to use, write, compile, and debug. Its simplicity has helped increase its global prevalence. Java is currently leading the pack in both the Android mobile application development market and the enterprise back-end market.

Career opportunities in Java span a wide variety of roles and industries. All of the 500 companies on the Fortune 500 list use Java to a great extent: building application servers, web applications, unit tests, mobile applications, desktop applications and enterprise applications.

Yet this doesn’t begin to cover the incredible range of things you can do with Java. For example, many developers use Java to create games and tutorials and, due to its compatibility, Java often figures into cross-language development, meaning that your Java experience can be extremely useful even if you’re not writing pure Java applications.

Looking for a really exciting career using Java?

Well, how about exploring space with NASA?

The agency uses Java for various space missions and also a number of interesting applications, including World Wind, a software development kit (SDK) that lets you zoom in from outer space and examine any location on earth.

Want to go into the movie business? Special effects firms such as Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) rely on Java for all sorts of software-based wonders, including sequencing animation scenes.

Perhaps you’re interested in saving people’s lives and improving healthcare? Projects like Doctor Online rely on Java for medical chatbots and application modules which enable faster, smoother doctor-patient interactions and empower doctors to make house calls virtually.

Java also plays a key role in high performance applications like self-driving cars and is used to build many of the world’s most popular video games and wearable technology applications.

In the cloud, Java is useful not only for creating new applications or moving existing applications to the cloud, but its proven ability to work anywhere fits perfectly into the modern mix of cloud, mobile, and desktop applications. These applications need to function the same way no matter where they happen to be running.

The Internet of Things also leverages Java in various industrial and domestic smart devices, for example for tracking inventory or measuring the temperature and humidity.

Java is now so popular and widespread that there is no shortage of ways for you to find fun and fascinating work.

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