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Embedded System

Embedded System

An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints

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???????Module 1:-  Understanding Embedded System

  •  Introduction of “Embedded System” and “Microcontroller Intel MCS-51(8051)”.
  •  Pin configuration and Capabilities of derivative of 8051 (AT89S52).
  •  Process of Burning (Writing) program on Microcontroller ROM using “FlashMagic”.
  •  Learning of the “Keil uVision4” IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

software for embedded application development and Simulation. 

  •  Learning of “Embedded ‘C’ (C51)” and Assembly (A51) programming language

with “Keil uVision4”.

Module 2:-  GPIO(Parallel Port’s)

    • Control with HEX value, Decimal value.
    • Control with bit value, masking, compliment.
    • Making output for Relay, LED.
    • Retrieving input from touch switch, 4x4 keypad.
    • Controlling LCD  “JHD162A” alpha/numeric display.
    • Running Words on LCD.
    • 4bit Interface and lcd driver Code.

Module 3:-  PCB Designing

  • Learning “PCB WIZARD” PCB Designing Software.
  • Drawing Schematic and Layout.
  • Exposing Design on Plan PCB.
  • Etching & Drilling PCB.
  • Masking PCB.
  • Printing Components Symbols, Value and Numbering.
  • Soldering Components.

Module 4:-  Timer/Counter

  • 16 bit mode & 8 bit auto reload.
  • Timer interrupt & Counter.
  • Making Square Wave.
  • Make Sound Beep using Buzzer.

Module 5:-  Interrupter

  • Interrupter Vector.
  • Set External Interrupt.
  • Eage Sensitive Interrupt.

Module 6:-  Serial Communication Interface “USART”

  • (WIN7 Device Manager) serial port management.
  • (USART) Serial Communication Parameters.
  • Interface Connection Wiring, level conversion (RS232)
  • Retrieving, Sending DATA from microcontroller to PC with (Terminal Software).
  • USB to serial converter Chips and Drivers.
  • Serial interrupt, SCON, SBUF.

Module 7:-  Embedded Peripherals Devices

  • Ultrasound Distance Sensor.
  • 1.8 inch Color TFT Display.
  • Servo Motor Control.
  • LM35 with ADC(PCF8591).
  • Electronic & Embedded Project Guidance.