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Python Machine Learning

Python Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of Computer Programs that can change when exposed to new data.

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Machine learning using Python

Module 1:  Introduction to Python

  • History , environmental setting and installing python 3.6
  • Installing anaconda IDE
  • Overview of Jupyter, spyder, python command promt
  • Running python
  • Python identifier, keywords, comments etc
  • Assigning values to variable
  • different data types in python
  • python numbers, strings

Module 2: Operators and Decision making in python

  • operators in python
  • decision making in python
  • if elif
  • break and continue
  • loops
  • while loop with else
  • for loop

Module 3: Functions in python

  • defining a function with ‘def’ keyword
  • calling a function in python
  • pass by value and pass by reference
  • local vs global variable
  • modules and packages in python
  • lambda expression
  • default argument, keyword argument and arbitrary argument
  • programs on function

Module 4:  Data Structure in python

  • lists and its different functions
  • list comprehension
  • dictionary and tuples
  • different functions of dictionary, tuple
  • Set and empty set
  • Pop and push on set
  • Using list as stack
  • Using list as Queue
  • Difference between all the above data structure

Module 5: Introduction to AI and Machine learning

  • Application of AI
  • Deep learning, neutral learning, machine learning
  • Introduction to Machine learning
  • Supervised learning, (labelled data sets)
  • Unsupervised learning, (not labelled)
  • Reinforcement learning.

Module 6: Machine learning packages in python

  • Introduction to Numpy package
  • Creating numpy array
  • Indexing and slicing of numpy array
  • Numpy operations
  • Introduction to sci-py
  • Introduction to scikit-learn

Module 7 : Python for Data Analysis - panda

  • Introduction to pandas
  • series and dataframes
  • programs using python data frames

Module 8: Python for Data visualization - Matplotlib

  • introduction to data visualization and Matplotlib
  • data visualization with Matplotlib

Module 9: regression problem

  • introduction to regression problem
  • linear regression
  • logistic regression, polynomial regression etc
  • k-nearest Neighbors