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VB.Net is built on top of the .Net framework as per the .NET technologies developed by Microsoft Corporation. As per Microsoft, VB.Net was reengineered, in contrary to being released as VB 6.0, with extra features. This is for the purpose of facilitating basic changes to the language. VB .Net is the first entirely object-oriented programming version of the powerful Visual Basic. It supports OOPs concepts including inheritance, abstraction, aggregation and polymorphism.

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Microsoft .NET Overview

• Why .Net
• Introduction to .Net framework
• Basic functionality of CLR
• CTS & CLS .Net languages
• System Requirements

Introduction to VB.NET

• Features of VB.NET
• Writing programmes in VB.NET
• Compiling and Executing from
• Command prompt
• Intro to Assemblies and Namespace
• Base class libraries
• Data types
• Option statements
• Boxing and Unboxing
• Array
• Sub programmes

Introduction to Visual Studio.NET

• VS 6.0 VS VS.NET
• File structure created for VS.NET APP
• Types of projects
• Creating Demo Console App

Object Oriented Programming

• Principles of OOP
• Structure VS Class
• Access Specifiers
• Properties
• Method Overloading
• Constructors
• Shared Modifier
• Inheritance
• Overloading and Overriding
• My base Keyboard
• Shadowing
• Abstract class
• Sealed class
• Interface
• Polymorphism
• Early Binding and Late Binding
• Destructor & Garbage Collector

GUI application development

• Introduction to system WINDOWS, Form, DLL
• Basic controls rich and Event driven programming
• Advanced controls Rich text box, Dialog
• Boxes, Toolbar…
• Working with context menu
• Main menu and MDI form
• Visual Inheritance

Data access with ADO.NET

• Introduction to Data Access Libraries DAO
• RDO and ADO
• Draw Back of ADO
• ADO.NET managed Data providers
• Introduction to system.Data.Oledb
• Data Reader
• Introduction to system.Data.SQLclient
• Preparing Statement
• Transaction handling
• Introduction to system.Data.Oracleclient
• Dataset and Data adapter
• Data Binding
• Data grid Programming
• Data View
• Data Relation


• Introduction to Delegate concept
• Event Handling Arch with Delegate
• Handles, Add Handler and Remove Handler

Multi Threading

• Thread Class
• Sleep, Suspend and Resuming Thread
• Asynchronous Connection
• Synchronization of Threads

Windows control library

• Creating custom control extending existing control
• Creating custom control grouping existing controls

Interoperatibility with COM

• Creating custom control extending
• Creating Achiex DLL using VB 6.0
• Managed code and Unmanaged code
• Using Achiex DLL in VB.NET APP
• TLBIMP Utility
• Using .NET Assembly in VB 6.0 App
• TLBExp and Regasm UtilitiesCrystal reports

File Streams

Windows Service
• Introduction to service App
• System. Service process
• Service Base Class
• Service Installer and Service
• Process installer
• Register Data Base of Services
• Install util utility

Localization and Globalization

• Resource file creation