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Corporate Training

Creative Solutions

soft skills

Soft Skills Training an important part of Management Training as it has a significant impact on Personality Development. The Soft Skills Training conducted by Sensible Computers focuses on elements of Training and Development that require changes in behavior and thinking. Soft Skills as opposed to hard skills (such as technical skills), greatly impact the personality development of employees. Organizations today recognize that the professional development of their employees plays an important part in maintaining relationships with their customers and developing a successful business. Organizations that endeavor to be on the path of continuous learning will often find that upgrading the 'soft skills' of their workforce a necessary part of business. It not only helps improve service but also shows the interest that an organization has in the professional development of their employees, which in turn leads to higher employee retention. Many organizations we have worked with point out that soft skills are high in the list of requirements for global business; hence an important part of management training. They have found that soft skills such as Cultural Sensitivity, Business Etiquette and good Communication Skills (telephone etiquette, email etiquette, information gathering and listening skills) make a greater impact on clients from across the world rather than a high degree of technical skills. MMM Training Solutions primarily focuses on Training and Development. Our soft skill training programs encompass a wide range of skills that most organizations find an integral and necessary part of everyday business. From basic communication skills to strategy and change management MMM Training Solutions offers a wide range of soft skills training to address every business need. It an integral part of corporate leadership training in today's world. Our Soft Skills Training Materials are usually designed and developed based on analysis of training needs and are delivered at locations across the globe as per the requirements of the client organization.

We primarily deliver the training in 3 formats

  • Create, Customize and Deliver the training
  • Create, Customize and Train the Trainers of the organization
  • Create, Customize and hand over the material to the organization

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation is the single most important factor that keeps you ahead of the competition. When providing training for development, creative thinking is identified as one of the key programs. The role of creative ideas is demonstrated in this quote by the world renowned expert on creativity:

"Ideas are the currency of success. They separate you from your competition."

Dr. Edward de Bono, creator of Lateral Thinking Creative Thinking helps us in approaching any situation systematically and is used as an igniter, striking the matches that lead to ....... creativity & innovation in process, product and creative problem solving . It gives participants the tools they need to find profound solutions to stubborn problems and roadblocks that they encounter.

Creative Thinking provides unconventional techniques that help people escape from their usual patterns of thinking to produce enhanced results. The key is creativity. Innovation will never happen without creative ideas, processes, and thoughts. Who needs a program on creative thinking? Not only senior management and R&D, but anyone who wants a disciplined approach (process) for innovation, idea generation, concept development, or a strategy to challenge the status quo. The Creative Thinking Skills Training Program run by Sensible Computers provides the following benefits

  • Spark your creativity on demands
  • Turn problems into opportunities
  • Increase your number of new and practical ideas dramatically
  • Gain contributions from everyone in the organization by using idea-generating tools that are productive and fun

The focus of the training is on the following areas

  • Introduction to business creativity
  • Identifying the barriers to creative thinking
  • Factors that encourage creativity
  • Common myths of creativity
  • Attitudes that kill creative ideas
  • Tools for creative thinking:
    • Brainstorming
    • Individual Brainstorming
    • Group Brainstorming
    • Reverse Brainstorming
    • Discontinuity Principle
    • Block and tackle exercise
  • Thinking 'outside the box'
  • Intrinsic motivation & creativity
  • Common reaction to creative ideas
  • Tips for creative thinking